Restaurant Adler

Culinary delights and enjoyment – two things that go hand in hand for us and have a long tradition in South Baden. Our restaurant Adler also looks back on a culinary success story. It is precisely this that we want to revive and at the same time complement with our own ingredients. Tradition and spirit of the time – that is our motto. Our menu is dedicated to regional dishes, which we interpret in a contemporary way. Inspired by our travels, we also let international flavors flow in here and there. But in a relaxed way, because the processing of local and seasonal products is a topic that is particularly close to our hearts.

Regional dishes interpreted in a contemporary way, inspired by the season and combined with international influences.

We want to offer our guests this triad. As well as the opportunity to enjoy upscale cuisine in a stylish atmosphere. Our compass: the current season. After all, you don’t have to have strawberries in November. Whenever possible and sensible, we process products that we obtain from local producers. This protects the climate and challenges us to be creative. But please don’t be dogmatic, because even if issues like sustainability and regionality drive us, enjoyment and quality have to be right. Our goal is to harmonize both.

The culinary restaurant concept is rounded off by a harmonious wine selection – also with a focus on the region. After all, the region is known to be home to many award-winning wineries. This is Baden cuisine 2.0.